When to Replace Your House Keys: Signs & Guidelines

When to Replace Your House Keys: Signs & Guidelines

Unless you’ve outright lost your keys, there isn’t a ton of guidance on when to replace your house keys. It’s likely that your house keys are items you use daily, and they can wear out after prolonged use. Avoid the pitfalls of damaged, heavily used and boring keys and scroll for some of the more serious signs that your house keys need replacing ASAP.

Your House Key is Bent in Funky Ways

It’s totally understandable if you used your keys to cut something open or they encountered some unavoidable damage. However, bent house keys can cause serious issues with how they function. The part of your house key that fits in the lock most likely won’t fit into your door without some serious re-alignment, meaning you can get locked out of your house far easier than before. In these cases, it’s best to snag a new house key so you have total peace of mind. Even if it’s just a small alignment issue, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Bent House Key

Your House Keys Are New-to-You

You may be thinking you’re good to go upon receiving house keys from your landlord, but not so fast! You have no idea how long those keys have been passed down to different tenants and if any of the edges are worn down and ready to cause problems. It’s a good idea to have a well-hidden spare key anyway, so make the existing key your spare and grab a new house key for your keyring. It’s an easy way to customize your keys since you’ll have a personalized key that was made just for you, plus you’ll know bent or dull edges won’t get in your way.

Your House Key (or Lock) Has Rusted

A buildup of rust on your house key is a definite sign that you should replace your key. Any sort of excessive buildup that can’t easily be cleaned off of your house key warrants a replacement, since there’s no guarantees that your key will fit securely into the lock when you need to open it. Take a quick trip to the hardware store and make sure you don’t run into any issues after a long day!

Old Rusted House Key

You’re Having Trouble Unlocking Your Door

Worst case scenario: you get home from work and unexpectedly can’t unlock the door to your house. Assuming you’re eventually able to enter with your key, it might be time to replace your house key. Although it’s smart to dust and oil the lock itself, worn out keys just might be the issue. If those steps don’t help, the next step is calling a locksmith to take a look. New locks = new keys, so you’ll get a new house key either way!

Broken House Door Lock

You Want a Custom Key Design

Whether you just moved into a new abode or you want to stop trying ten different keys to find the right one, sometimes custom keys are just what you need. There’s no shortage of options (roses or money bags, anyone?) and it’s another small touch that’ll make your life more convenient and personal when it really matters.

Blank House Keys

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