The Most Common Mistakes People Make with Their House Keys

The Most Common Mistakes People Make with Their House Keys

It comes as no surprise that key mistakes are everyday occurrences in a changing world. While these mistakes are completely understandable, it pays to be mindful of them so that you’re prepared in advance. Below are the four most common mistakes everyday people make with their house keys.

Losing or Misplacing House Keys

Misplacing or outright losing house keys has happened to almost everyone at least once, even if it only requires a short-lived dig into the couch. Millions, yes millions, lose their car and house keys every year, and replacing your entire keyring can be very expensive depending on which keys you carry with you! It’s worth it to slightly change your habits to avoid this extra hassle and expense, not to mention that re-framing how you think about your house keys is pretty simple.

To avoid in-house misplacements, make sure you always put your keys in the same area once you get home. Even if you need your keyring for something at home, insist on putting them back once you’re done. Remembering to do this can save you time and energy, especially when you’re in a rush!

Cant Find My Keys

Losing your house keys can happen in a million ways when you’re out and about, but having a clip or carabiner drastically reduces these chances. Clipping your house keys to your bag or beltloop keeps them physically attached to you, and many bags have installed clips or keychains for this exact purpose. Taking advantage of this convenient option is a lifesaver if digging in your bag or pockets has left you hanging before!

Mixing Up House Keys

Too many identical keys on your keyring? Between house keys, car keys and business keys, it’s easy to see why some of us get stuck at the door trying our luck to figure out which house key is ours. While this isn’t quite as inconvenient as losing your keys, making this a habit every time you come home is annoying at least, infuriating at worst. If clearing out your keyring isn’t an option, custom house keys can save you serious time and effort at the end of a long day.

Mixing Up Keys

Hiding Spare House Keys in Obvious Spots

You’ve locked yourself out of the house and it’s a huge relief that you’ve hidden a spare key. However, have you thought long and hard about how easy it is for strangers to find your spare house key? While the doormat might be convenient, it’s also the first place would-be burglars will look when trying to access your home. Be sure your hiding spot is away from the door and out of sight so that you’re the only person who knows where your house key is waiting.

Hiding a Key

Re-keying New Houses

Whether you rent or own, re-keying your new place is an essential service that’s often forgotten about in the midst of moving your belongings. It may not seem like a big deal to forget about this, until you start wondering how many other times the locks weren’t changed and how many former tenants could still have working keys to your house! Even if it’s not the first item of business on your moving list, be sure to re-key your house at some point in the process. It’ll save you extra worries, plus give you the chance to personalize your keyring at the same time!

Flower Blank Key

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