Buying a New Home? Changing Your Locks is Top Priority

Buying a New Home? Changing Your Locks is Top Priority

There are a ton of different tasks to consider once you’ve purchased a new home. Renovations and updates are probably at the front of your mind, and there will be plenty of time to take care of those needs. However, changing your locks should be one of the first tasks you take care of before you invest time into any other efforts.

Why Changing Your Locks is Important

Although you may know some history about your new abode, one thing you may not know is every person who has been in possession of your current house keys. You also probably aren’t aware of how recently the locks have been changed before moving in. Moving into a new home should be an exciting time, and re-keying your locks allows you to embrace that joy without any worries. The last thing you need is former tenants, previous workers or would-be burglars to take advantage of your trust.

Custom Keys

Changing your locks provides peace of mind with a guarantee that you and your family or roommates are the only people who have keys that work. This is also a great chance to get yourself a snazzy custom key so that your house key is readily obvious on your keyring. Changing or re-keying your locks is super simple, and there are two different ways to consider before you commit to the process.

Change Your Locks Yourself

Most convenient for updating the appearance of your home, changing your own locks requires buying new fixtures and some know how. Doorknobs and locks of all kinds are available at your local hardware store, and anyone feeling handy can always grab the correct items for installation. Most of these sets come with at least one set of keys that can easily be copied once you’re done, and it’ll usually be the most cost-effective option since you’re the one doing the labor.

Change Your Locks Yourself

However, there are some downsides to this process. Changing your own locks is time consuming and can potentially be frustrating if you’ve never done it before. If you have experience changing previous locks or want to sharpen your handywork skills, it might be worth a try. If not, calling a locksmith is probably your best bet.

Call a Locksmith to Change Your Locks

Locksmiths are going to do all the hard work for you, making them the most convenient option for changing your locks if you’re inexperienced. It’s smart to do your research first and stay local when looking for a trusted locksmith near you – you want to be sure of this process since they’ll have access your house!

Locksmith Changing Out Locks

Once you’ve settled on your chosen locksmith, give them a call and schedule a time for them to come out. Be sure you have an idea where you want your locks and what type of locks you want at each entry point. This will help the process go as smoothly as possible once your locksmith arrives. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – they’re around to help, after all! Once they’ve wrapped up, you’ll be able to relish in the peace of mind that your house is protected with all new locks.

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