Lost and Found: Unraveling the Top 5 Commonly Misplaced Items

Lost and Found: Unraveling the Top 5 Commonly Misplaced Items

Whether you’re out with friends, heading to work or running errands, each outing presents the possibility of losing items you carry on your person. While house keys might be the easiest to lose because of their size, plenty of other personal objects are left behind accidentally. The following five items are the articles most commonly left behind when people are out and about.

Mobile Phones

Since the advent of smartphones, people have been attached to their devices and, of course, losing them. This can be scary, especially considering how much personal data is stored within such items. Thankfully, there are plenty of security systems within cellphones now that can help you locate or erase your phone remotely if getting it back isn’t an option. It’s not exactly cheap to replace your mobile phone in most cases, but it might actually be preferable compared to someone having easy access to multiple bank accounts.

Lost Phone


Unluckily for thousands of people every year, lost wallets are the second most common lost item on our list. Wallets are arguably easier to lose since they aren’t shiny or loud like house keys, and they aren’t being looked at constantly like phones are. The jury is out on when and what exactly leads people to return lost wallets, so all you can do is hope for the best and cancel your cards in the meantime. It’s a toss-up if cancelling your cards or losing your house keys is more expensive, which leads us to our next commonly lost item.

Lost Wallet

House Keys

Despite their loud, metallic nature, it makes sense that losing house keys is actually relatively common when it comes to personal items. House keys are generally small and often get tossed in the bottom of a pocket, meaning most of us probably aren’t looking for them until we need them. While it’s hard to outright avoid losing your house keys ever, custom keys might increase your chances of keeping tabs on them. Even better, keeping your house keys on a carabiner helps ensure they’re always on your bag or belt loop when you need them!

Lost House Keys


Often thoughtlessly removed for a quick hand wash, it’s no wonder jewelry ranks in the top items likely to be lost. Travel can lead to earrings, necklaces and cuff links to be randomly forgotten about during your stay, but rings especially are known for being left on the sink for someone else to find. Even a comfy night at home with friends can lead to you becoming the temporary caretaker of valuables that are left behind. Sound familiar? Be sure to stow your jewelry safely in your bag if you take it off, and keep said bag in your sights at all times!

Lost Jewelry


While smaller belongings are generally the most commonly lost items, it’s not unusual to lose a backpack or purse during the course of your outing. Even the best of us have set our bag down and walked away to complete a task without thinking. Keeping your bag strapped on or making sure it’s with a trusted friend or family member can help ensure your belongings are always protected.

Lost Bag

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