How to Organize Multiple Keys

How to Organize Multiple Keys

Since the invention of house keys, humans have been trying to figure out how to store them, separate them and distinguish which keys are which. Here you’ll find some suggestions to effectively manage your keyring in your day-to-day life.

Organize with Key Rings

It’s a no-brainer that having a key ring is the most popular modern way to keep track of house keys. While the most basic idea involves keeping all your keys on the same key ring, there are a few other approaches to consider for anyone requiring more organization.

To separate keys by use or type, attaching a secondary keyring to the first eliminates the need to memorize order or occasion. If your original keyring is getting too crowded, just attach a second keyring and split off your house keys or daily use keys for easy access.

Key Rings

Keeping with this theme, you can also organize your house keys into separate keyrings for different occasions. If one set of keys is used for a specific purpose like work or storage, it might be easier to split them up. Doing this allows you to keep that particular keyring in your bag or with your badge so those keys are handy when you need them. This way you’ll know that all the keys on your normal key ring are the ones that actually see daily use.

If sorting keyrings sounds far too confusing, labeling your house keys might be a better option.

Label Your House Keys

Toting around a large set of keys is sometimes required for service jobs, caretaking, or dog walking. Though it takes some added effort at the beginning, labeling your house keys has the potential to be super helpful on larger keyrings. Start by picking up a set of labels for under five dollars and consider how exactly you want to separate your keys.

Organizing your keys with labels can be done by color or by naming conventions. Color separation might be helpful if there are a few different keys for one task. Names or numbers are most helpful when you need to identify specific keys that may all look very similar. You could also go for some combination of both if the occasion calls for it.

House Key Labels

In case this process is a bit too time consuming for your tastes, getting standout custom house keys is no doubt the easiest and most fun organization method to consider!

Organize via Custom Keys

Going the extra mile for custom keys may not be ideal for every key on a massive keyring, but it can certainly be helpful in telling important keys apart when it matters. In this case, it’s time to hunt down some stylish custom keys. Both silver and gold house keys are readily available in a variety of different designs, and they come in KW1 and SC1 varieties to fit both common locking mechanisms.

Blank House Keys

Geometric keys, spiderweb keys, yin yang house keys – we’ve got ‘em all for the choosing. Whichever design(s) fit your preferences, custom keys won’t only be functionally helpful in telling your house keys apart – they might also put you into a new category of cool.

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