5 Reasons Why Custom Keys are the Perfect Gift for New Homeowners

5 Reasons Why Custom Keys are the Perfect Gift for New Homeowners

Know someone who just bought their first home? A new custom key is one foolproof way to congratulate them on their latest investment! Celebration is in order, so here’s just five reasons why custom keys make an ideal gift for new homeowners.

Room for Personalization

Better than any hardware store key, our custom keys offer texture and color options that set them apart from typical house keys. Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s geometrically inclined, or you need a custom key that’s more offbeat or edgy, you’ll have plenty of choices to ensure they’ll get a custom key that fits their style. That might be enough, but your custom key purchase will probably go far beyond what’s on the surface.

Blank Skull Key

Doubles as a Keepsake

On top of matching your friend’s specific style and preferences, it’s worth noting that your custom key gift will be a constant reminder of your thoughtful friendship. There’s nothing better than seeing your loved ones happy, and we’d love to be a part of that process! In case you’re not sure which color they prefer, our silver house keys are great for more traditional setups, or go for a gold custom key and help them light up their new life from here on out.

Latern Key Blank

Considerate & Functional Housewarming Gift

Stumped on what to get for that upcoming housewarming party? A custom key both shows you’re on theme for the event at hand, plus it’s probably the last gift anyone is expecting! There’s nothing better than a gift that pairs form and function, and custom keys tick both boxes without hesitation. For best results, pick a fun custom key that complements your friend’s inner self. Bonus points if you get a good view of their elated reaction!

Peace Sign Key Blank

Durability is Key

When considering the needs of a new homeowner, the last thing they need is to replace anything in the home they just bought. Unlike standard spare keys that usually chip and wear over time, our house keys will stick around for the long term. Every custom key we offer is made from solid brass, meaning that new homeowners won’t have to worry about replacing their custom key anytime soon. All that’s left is to wrap it up nicely and let them know where they can get duplicates, should the need strike.

Spiderweb House Key

Room for Changes

We encourage every customer to get the house key model that fits their specific lock, but sometimes that’s not exactly possible with custom key gifts! If you’ve caught a glimpse of the key type that your friend or family member has, our handy guide on key types will help you find the precise type of custom key you need for your gifting purposes.

In case the new homeowner in your life would prefer a different custom key design or they need a different key type, we’re always here to help.

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